Set on the north bank of the mighty Brahmaputra, 50 km east of Tezpur town is situated the small sleepy township of Jamugurihat, famous for its rich tradition and cultural heritage. Agriculture & allied occupation constitute the rural economy besides a large chunk of people engaged in tea cultivation.

Amidst a hues of spring and the fresh smell of harvested crops, Jamugurihat is agog to foster the age old historical Barechahariya Bhaona Mahotsav from 1st to 4th April 2007. History of successful organization extends over last 213 years, being held once in every 5 years. This festival is a mirror of cultural excellence and harmony of art forms. The contribution of late Sonit Konwar Gajen Baruah had been immense and he can rightly be called the main architect of the modern Barechahariya Bhaona. Normally, the traditional Bhaona is dramatization of mythological episodes imbued Bhakti spirit rendered with different Ragas & Talas and are played by a team of village folk only in a Namghar (holy shrine) in general and also in vaishnava sattras (muth or monastery like institution) founded by the great saint in 16th century. The Bhaona starts with musical orchestra that is called ‘Gayan Bayan Jora’ (Gayan means singer & Bayan means drummer) with traditional instrument Khol, a kind of drum & the cymbals.



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