About Barechaharia Bhowna

The word ‘Barechahar’ signifies several villages and in this several teams stage Barechahariya Bhaona unlike other Bhaona simultaneously at different stages under a single roof made in the form of a fully blossomed lotus with locally abundant bamboo & thatch. It is a matter of wonderful feat of human dexterity and craftsmanship to build such great structure manually with community help irrespective of race, religion or tribal affiliations thus it become an ideal meeting ground for diverse races, as Assam gave shelter to streams of human waves carrying distinct cultures and trends of civilization from the time immemorial. The festival is held on the full moon night of Assamese ‘Chat’ month after the harvesting season.

A colourful cultural function is also being organized on the concluding day of the festival to showcase the Sankari tradition and other folk & classical culture that is the essence of daily life of the people of this region. It is not be mistaken that the occasion will be only a local display of what is only Assamese folk art but a colorful amalgamation of the tribal art in all its finery specially invited from the Neighboring N.E. states and folk culture of the tea tribe. This festival may add a new colour in the history of Assam Tourism and can attract lots of tourists both foreign and domestic.



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