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and hide includes of complex types in #include "tess_version.h". # include "apitypes.h". #include "pageiterator.h". #include. % go test./ # tesseract/ fatal error: tesseract/baseapi.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated. otiai10 changed the title from tesseract/baseapi.h: No such file or directory to tesseract/baseapi.h: No such file. % go test./ # tesseract/ fatal error: 'tesseract/baseapi.h' file not found FAIL [build failed] Need to install libleptonica-dev and libtesseract-dev. # F.

This is what I did to compile it: 1.) Copy all header files into one include directory, so later only ยง(TESS_DIR)\include has to be added to the. Classes. class, tesseract::TessBaseAPI. Namespaces. namespace, tesseract. Defines. #define, MAX_NUM_INT_FEATURES Typedefs. typedef list_rec *. Typedefs. typedef INT_FEATURE_STRUCT *, INT_FEATURE. typedef int(Dict::* tesseract::DictFunc)(void *void_dawg_args, UNICHAR_ID unichar_id, bool.

// File: baseapi.h // Description: Simple API for #include "host.h" #include "ocrclass.h". File: baseapi.h. // Description: Simple API for calling tesseract. #define TESSERACT_CCMAIN_BASEAPI_H__. #include "thresholder.h". /usr/bin/ /usr/include/tesseract/apitypes.h /usr/include/tesseract/ baseapi.h /usr/include/tesseract/basedir.h /usr/include/tesseract/capi.h. error. and it seems that the project generator did not include the baseapi.h inside my newly created project(I've checked the the addon folder.