Torture the guantanamo guidebook download

Torture the guantanamo guidebook

UKs channel 4 Guantanamo Handbook documentary UK Channel 4. Full Documentary. Please Subscribe For More Documentaries. PBS Radio: Guantanamo Guidebook Brings Torture to TV interrogation team' By any standards the waiver I signed for "Guantanamo Guidebook" was special. Ever wondered what it's like to be detained in Guantanamo Bay? Seven British volunteers, including several Muslims, were given the chance to.

Directed by Tim Carter. With Chris Guelff, Gregory Hartley, Josh Tabor, Donald Rumsfeld. Torture -The Guantanamo Guidebook Channel 4's programme examines torture in the war on terror by exposing seven volunteers to methods reported to have. The show, titled "The Guantanamo Guidebook," will be part of a series of to watch torture techniques that we know are used in Guantanamo.

An upcoming British television special attempts to recreate alleged techniques used at the American prison camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The Guantanamo Guidebook was made by Channel 4 using The US government has denied using torture at the camp in Cuba, where many.