Htc desire stock hboot download

Htc desire stock hboot

Hello, I bought a 2nd hand rooted Desire with Oxygen R2 on it. Now I'd like to try Nikez Lente Rom,but this rom needs to have stock HBOOT. Hey guys, was wondering what the different was between the two I've always downloaded Stock HBOOT but dont understand the difference. My phone is a HTC Desire Bravo running Android with ROM This in only about how to flash a hboot, recovery, boot into recovery and.

How to flash the HBOOT on your HTC Desire Tried to flash HBOOT (bravo stock) and Fastboot Commander says "Flash Successful" butt. I'm on bravo-stock hboot now and I want to try the CM7 hboot. Will I be able to switch back to stock hboot just restoring a nandroid or do I need. The phone details M7 UL Hboot Radio 4A CID should automatically flash the stock ROM from HBOOT, HTC's bootloader.

When I went to boot back into the system it wouldnt boot but I can access hboot and the recovery and the fastboot. Where can I find the software. If you rooted stock HTC Desire S before the OTA Update, (HBOOT and ) and used Revolutionary method. You will end up. Returning your device to stock, whether it is because you need to sell it or just want to receive OTAs again, is not always a simple process. Since HTC has.