Decay indie game download

Decay indie game

Decay is a psychological horror game played by Mari and Lasercorn on Smosh Games. It is the 15th game played on Mari's show Super Mari Fun Time. Decay Game by Shining Gate Software. Official website. Decay - Part 3: The sequel to Decay - Part 2 on Xbox Live Indie Games. Click here to download. Of course, Xbox Live Indie Games is a virtual Jurassic Park full of fossils that should have died out long ago. I suppose that makes the Decay.

A new psychological horror adventure game from the creators of the Decay's developer Shining Gate Software is a small indie studio located. In previous posts I've mentioned that, even though I'm a bit of a wimp, I still play scary games. The most recent of which is the Indie game Decay. Decay is an episodic thriller/horror adventure game released on Xbox Live Indie Games. The story and atmosphere are both very dark.

In case it is I believe Steam should start to give awards to increase the amount of quality games on Steam! Great job I'll tell my friends. Terrifying! I most recently started doing reviews over Xbox Live Arcade games, and so I've also decided to take the liberty to review some indie.