How to get a cat to take prozac download

How to get a cat to take prozac

If you think your cat needs Prozac or any other behavioral medications, read this first. following symptoms of feline anxiety or depression and get help for your cat: it's sometimes necessary to help cats in a single household learn to accept . I got a prescription for Prozac for 4 of my cats. Wizard is the So my question is - how does one get a pill into their cat without adding stress?. I posted a couple months ago about my cat attacking me and her subsequent prescription of prozac. I put the pill in a pill pocket and it worked.

Before you give prozac for cats to your cat, you need to know about . When cats that have a history of liver or kidney disease take Prozac, the. This article examines the challenges of giving a cat prozac (often prescribed for behavior issues or anxiety), which is known to have a bitter taste. options for administering your cat's medication, and it may take much trial and. I talked to our vet and we have put her on prozac. However, I can not get her to take the liquid. I have a lot of experience with giving animals.

Your vet might prescribe an antidepressant medication like Prozac for your frazzled feline to help calm her down and resolve these behaviors. Cat Health Because Prozac requires a prescription from your veterinarian, you'll have to consult like kidney disease or diabetes; kitties with such issues shouldn't take Prozac. Your vet might prescribe Prozac, one of the best-known antidepressants used in people. it could take as long as month before you'd see a difference in your cat's behavior. Don't yell at the cat or hit him; that would only make him fearful. ItÔÇÖs easy for me to give medicine to a cat. even alligators have weaker bites than a 7-pound cat who doesn't want to take her medicine. You and your vet will probably have to adjust the dosage over a period of When you first begin giving your cat Prozac, it can take three to four.