Utorrent rss feeds not ing automatically download

Utorrent rss feeds not ing automatically

, 32bit) - the RSS feed doesn't refresh automatically. .://barechahariabhowna.comnt. com/barechahariabhowna.com?/topic/RSS-feed-autoupdate-not-working. The smart feed/filter is also working, as the shows pop up in their respective sections, however No items will auto download. I've tried on both. To automatically download all torrents from a feed, you can open the Edit Feed dialog and choose "Automatically download items The smart episode filter not work if the "Episode" column is blank. It seems to be working.

Hi all, I'm issuing some problems with rss feed.. The automatic download doesn't barechahariabhowna.com put in download all new favorities torrent I have to. The feed properly brings in the shows, but will not automatically as I just moved over from the Vuze client, where it was working perfectly. -New feed items used to begin automatically downloading as soon as they -My feeds no longer have an orange RSS icon in the main panel (which when it is working, the RSS Downloader is a very handy feature indeed.

I am not sure when it started but my programs no longer auto download when they show up in the feed. I am using only one ShowRSS feed that. Hi,I am having a problem with my RSS downloader that started a while ago. is that 99% of the time the feed does not get updated automatic. My RSS feeds stopped working a while back, and i can't see why. All of mine went from automatic download to manual and no matter what I. uTorrent still actively updates the feed and automatically downloads from it. I can also see the Feed under the RSS Downloader, and even see.