Equallogic firmware update download

Equallogic firmware update

Dell PS Series Equallogic firmware v and v have been An updated version of the firmware will be made available shortly to. This page describes the considerations to make when updating Dell PS Series ( EqualLogic) SAN environments. For Customer Service support or questions please email us at EqualLogic we can assist our partners be more successful with EqualLogic solutions please.

The Dell Storage Update Manager (DSUM) is a great new tool that makes updating your array firmware, drive firmware and language packs. Usually, you can update an array directly to the latest firmware version. However, in some cases, you may need to update to an interim version before updating. Regular firmware updates are an important part of maintaining a well-functioning group. Before performing any firmware update, read Updating PS Series.

Before updating firmware, you must download the firmware kit from the Dell EqualLogic customer support website (barechahariabhowna.com) to a computer.